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Safety is our concern. We value and rely on the expertise of PeriOperative nurses and healthcare professionals to help guide our efforts. When you submit ideas or issues, we listen.

We at Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions will help you to help others with unsolved issues in the areas of:

Patient Safety
Staff Safety
Workplace Safety
Our privacy policy is simple: Sandel will NEVER share any of the information you enter here with any third party without your written consent.

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Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions wants to provide nurses with a system by which they may express their opinions on the issues, needs, concerns, problems, challenges, and opportunities that they encounter daily.

Please use the fields provided to communicate your issue(s) to us.

We value your knowledge and experience, and we are here for you.

Describe your issue *(an issue can be something you would like to see changed or improved upon in your work environment. For example, an issue may be:  I have a difficult time finding suture needles if they fall on the floor during surgery)
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What procedures does your issue address? *(i.e., Ortho, eyes).
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Please be as specific as possible. For example: How about a magnetic sweeper, kind of like an old-fashioned push sweeper but with magnets on rollers instead of brooms?

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I have not yet sold, offered for sale, or licensed my submission, and have not revealed my idea to anyone except for:

I acknowledge that Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions LLC (ASMS) has extensive, ongoing research and development activities that may currently be working on a solution to my stated issue or may have previously conceived of my idea. I expect that ASMS shall report to me within 90 days whether my idea/issue is already the subject of ASMS research activities.

I do not give any rights in my submission to ASMS; however, if ASMS accepts my submission for further research, I am willing to assign all rights and title to my submission to ASMS in a future agreement between ASMS and myself.

I agree not to reveal my submission (verbally or in writing) to anyone other than ASMS for one year from the date of this agreement, or until I receive a written release from ASMS.

I acknowledge that ASMS will only receive submissions from persons 18 years of age or older. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I represent that I am 18 years or older.

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ASMS agrees not to use, sell, or disclose to others any submitter's information provided herein. ASMS accepts this submission only for evaluation purposes. ASMS and submitter shall have no further obligations to each other, unless a separate agreement is entered in to between ASMS and myself.

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