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Z-Suture Saddle Bag™
Paper suture bags often rip and fall from the sterile field onto the floor. Contents cannot be easily seen and can be a hazard.

  • (2) clear plastic pouches allow for easy identification of its contents.
  • Designed to be draped over the back table or mayo stand, which eliminates the possibility of it falling to the floor.
  • Perforated so it can be placed in different locations on the sterile field
  • The Z-Suture Saddle Bag™ can be used as a sealable transport bag.

Z-Friction Drape™
A non-magnetic instrument drape designed to keep instruments from falling off the sterile field while providing a neutral zone for the hands-free transfer of sharps.

  • Distinctive in its bright orange color, easily recognizable and ideal for use as a neutral zone
  • Non-magnetic, non-slip design will help hold instruments where you place them
  • Can be cut and placed in two locations

Z-Cord Holder™
Keeps all cords neatly organized on the sterile field

  • An adhesive base keeps the Z-Cord Holder™ in place
  • Grooved holes keep your tubes and cords organized
  • X-ray detectable

Available through your Custom Procedural Tray (CPT) Provider.

Instruments & surgical supplies falling off the sterile field.
SANDEL Utility Products
  Item# Product Name Description Packaging Case
1117 Z-Cord Holder™ Cord & Tube Holder - Sterile 50/Bx 2 Bx/Cs 100
1130 Z-Suture Saddle Bag™ 20" Saddle Bag for use on the Mayo Stand or Back Table - Sterile 50/Bx 2 Bx/Cs 100
1151 Z-Friction Drape™ Instrument Drape (10" x 16") - Sterile 40/Bx 2 Bx/Cs 80