Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions, LLC.

Light-weight, stackable step stools that provide an alternative to traditional heavy metal step stools.

Ergo-Step™ Stool

  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Anti-skid feet will keep it firmly planted
  • Interlocking feature creates a safe work platform
  • Distinctive in its bright orange color and easily recognizable

Cleaning instructions:
Clean with standard disinfecting solutions for O.R. equipment or wash in the cart washer with a cycle not to exceed 140°F (60°C).

NOTE: Top step stools (1170-T) should ONLY be stacked on bottom step stools (1170-B). Tops are not designed to be stacked on one another.

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Heavy step stools are hard to move or lift.
Lightweight, stackable Ergo-Step™ Stool.
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  Item# Product Name Description Packaging Case
1170 Ergo-Step™ Stool 2 Tops, 2 Bottoms (each 5.25"x18"x14") 4/Cs 4
1170-T Ergo-Step™ Stool 4 Tops (each 5.25"x18"x14") 4/CS 4
1170-B Ergo-Step™ Stool 4 Bottoms (each 5.25"x18"x14") 4/Cs 4
1170-C Ergo-Step™ Stool Cart Step Stool Cart - Holds Maximum of 6 Stools 1/CS 1