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Blade and needle counting and disposal box designed to safely remove scalpel blades and prevent sharps injuries.

Scalpel Disarmer™
Eliminates the incidence of sharps injuries associated with the removal of scalpel blades.

  • Safely remove and dispose of scalpel blades and needles
  • Two separate, removable safety halves with adhesive tape that provides stability on any surface.
  • Easily locks for safe disposal
  • Distinctive in its bright orange color and easily recognizable

Pair the Scalpel Disarmer™ with the Change-A-Blade® for safe removal, counting, and disposal of scalpel blades.

Available through your Custom Procedural Tray (CPT) Provider.

Download Sandel's new pamphlet (in PDF format) Safe Handling of Sharps an easy to read, condensed version of what you need to know about OSHA, The Joint Commission and CMS regulations and standards. As well as how to analyze the real cost of those injuries.

Sharp injuries during removal of blades
Scalpel Disarmer

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  Item# Product Name Description Packaging Case
2241 Scalpel Disarmer™ Magnet & Foam - Sterile 12/Bx 4 Bx/Cs 48
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2242 Scalpel Disarmer™ Magnet & Magnet - Sterile 12/Bx 4 Bx/Cs 48