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Disposable, antimicrobial O.R. linens designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and improve turnover time.

STAT-BLOC™ Table Linens

Disposable, antimicrobial table linens which offer THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION: 

  1. Quilted, breathable, hydrophilic layer
    • Allows for fluid absorption
    • Eliminates wrinkling which can lead to skin breakdown and decubitus ulcers
  2. Super absorbent layer
    • Strong concentration of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) for maximum fluid control
  3. Impervious, antimicrobial layer
    • Prevents bacteria from colonizing on the O.R. table
    • Non-slip material helps reduce patient sliding

Linens also include a double-woven disposable draw sheet that will not rip or tear.

STAT-BLOC™ Armboard Covers

  • Antimicrobial, disposable covers
  • Dual straps for added safety
  • Straps are secured to the armboard covers to prevent them from falling to the floor

STAT-BLOC™ Pillow & Headrest Covers

  • Disposable, antimicrobial covers designed to prevent bacteria from colonizing on pillows and headrests

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The migration of bacteria and pathogens associated with surgical site infections, including MRSA.
The SANDEL STAT-BLOC™ technology!
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