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April 16, CHATSWORTH, CA – Ansell introduces a new needlestick safety device to their SANDEL Engineered Sharps Injury Prevention (ESIP) product line. The ReCap-It™ provides nurses and other healthcare professionals a safe and simple way to recap syringes and help prevent accidental needle sticks.

Approximately 385,000 sharps injuries are incurred by hospital employees each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).1 Studies show that about 12% of these injuries occurring in surgical settings are caused by syringes.2

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the potential hazard of bloodborne pathogens to hospital employees is due to unsafe needle devices and improper handling of needles and other sharps.1 The SANDEL ReCap-It™ helps eliminate this hazard by providing a safe way to handle and recap syringes which complies with OSHA’s requirement to use engineering controls (i.e. a mechanical device for recapping).3 It provides a shield to protect hands from potential sticks, a safer area to place syringes when not in use, and a way to easily recap a syringe using only one hand.

The ReCap-It™ is a nurse-inspired safety innovation developed through Ansell’s idea submission process. To submit your idea for a healthcare safety device or a way to improve safety in the healthcare setting, please visit

The SANDEL ESIP product family also includes the Change-A-Blade® safety handle, hands-free transfer trays, Z-Friction Drape™ neutral zone, Scalpel Disarmer™, and safety scalpels. Also available are SANDEL ergonomic safety solutions, Correct Medication Labeling Systems™, and TIME OUT® products.


For more information on the SANDEL line of healthcare safety devices, please visit

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